Welcome to my Gloucestershire’s Highways blog. I intend this blog to be used mainly to highlight issues with the road network within Gloucestershire. From pedestrians to HGVs I would like to highlight both the shortcomings and highlights of the network.

My personal standpoint is from that of a pedestrian, cyclist and driver. There will be some pages reserved for the rants about cycling and cyclist / pedestrian / motor vehicle conflicts but that is by far not the whole reason for the blog. I mentioned cyclist, please don’t leave, read on, you might find something for you.

The primary reason for this blog is to pressurise Gloucestershire County Council and in particular Gloucestershire Highways into providing a better service, hence the name of the blog. It has been well documented in the press that both regional and national level people are very dissatisfied with the condition of the road system as a whole from surfaces to road design.

Before we rush in and personally attack the fine people of the highways department please remember they are hard-working people who are doing their best to provide a safe and fit for use road system with very limited funds.

So what then is the point of all this? My personal belief is that the best way to make things change is to officially complain, just not grumble in the background. By using the official reporting methods, telephone 08000 514 514 or online County Council Report It page there is an official record of the electorates dis-satisfaction and more reports will eventually bring about change.

Thank you for reading and please browse the rest of the blog to see what else is here.

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  1. Thanks for following my blog. Hope some quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Not enough money for our infrastructure because we spent tons of money on the infrastructure of foreign countries where those expenditures have made little or no significant difference. In doing this, we’ve made the same mistakes as countless world leaders throughout history.

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